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We love to see all of your beautiful creations but to be in for the prize drawing it must be a scrapbook layout or mini album. After all that is what we are about here. We all love to stamp on our cards but sometimes we forget to use them on our layouts and other projects. They are cheap embellishments and plentiful after all. You are welcome to combine our challenge with others. Happy Crafting!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Felt flower tutorial

Felt flowers tutorial

by Isolde

What you need?
- 3 colours felt
- scissors
- glue or other adhesive
- button

How does it work?

Draw 1 large petal and 1 smaller petal on paper. You can choose what size you want.

Cut out the templates and draw the petals on the felt. You will need 6 small petals and 12 large ones.

· 6 small ones in 1 colour
· 6 large ones in another colour
· 6 large ones in the third colour

Form each set of 6 petals into an overlapping circle. Glue each petal to the adjacent petal.

When you finish them all you will have 3 flower layers.

Stack the 3 layers on each other and use adhesive on top to stick the button.


We hope you find Isolde's tutorial helpful for one of many ways to make flowers!

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